Architectural Cast Stone

The perfect accent, customized for your building

Westbrook Block proudly offers Cast Stone Solutions for all your masonry veneer systems — the best way to accent our beautiful architectural CMU — lintels, coping and keystones all manufactured to our same high standards.

All our units are wet cast commonly referred to as precast concrete, which is a plastic or pourable concrete, the viscosity of which can be measured by a slump test. The finish of wet cast units are virtually unlimited and can sustain structural characteristics — conforming to the ASTM C1364 specifications.

The cast units are held indoors, overnight, in a climate-controlled environment and are stripped the next day. Test cylinders are made simultaneously to ensure proper strength. Our units are tested to a minimum of 5,500 psi as indicated in our test reports. We offer full shop drawings for all your precast units, as well as engineering, if needed.

Below is a sampling of the 300+ colors available – visit the color page for a more detailed look at available options.
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These colors are provided for reference only. We would be happy to send you a sample of any color that peaks your interest. Colors may vary depending on individual monitor, computer configurations or printer format.

Cast Stone
WACS 125
WACS 125

WACS 155

WACS 320

WACS 608

WACS Brownstone



WACS Charcoal

WACS Chocolate

WACS Dark Buff

WACS 1/2 & 1/2


WACS Iron Clad

WACS Wheat

WACS White

Sustainable and Green Features

Pozzotive® is a high performance pozzolan, made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass. This glass is diverted from multiple post-consumer waste streams, including bottle redemption and curbside pickup. The glass is processed to remove all organics, and then milled to a precisely graded, powder-like substance in a size appropriate for Portland Cement replacement. Pozzotive® can be used in a multitude of products, such as our architectural CMU and WESTBRICKS®.

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