Manufactured Stone Veneer

Westbrook Block is proud to work with a number of amazing manufacturers that offer unsurpassed quality in the industry. Each stone is hand painted piece-by-piece by highly-trained artisans. We provide only the highest quality cultured stone veneers. When you take a closer look you will see the unmatched depth and variation of colors; hints of rust, mossy greens, russet browns and golden umbers.

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Sustainable and Green Features

Pozzotive® is a high performance pozzolan, made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass. This glass is diverted from multiple post-consumer waste streams, including bottle redemption and curbside pickup. The glass is processed to remove all organics, and then milled to a precisely graded, powder-like substance in a size appropriate for Portland Cement replacement. Pozzotive® can be used in a multitude of products, such as our architectural CMU and WESTBRICKS®.

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